Monday, January 9, 2012

Yay! Clean Studio!

Messy Table #1

A little more light
This morning I decided it was way past time that I cleaned and rearranged my studio area. I started with a very messy table - well actually two very messy tables Lol :) Well no wonder I can never find what I need! I had three bead mats stacked on top of each other with projects at various stages. There was wire, pliers, paints, inks, stamps - you name it was there. It seems the more I create the more mess I create along with it. Here are the before and after photos :) The light in my basement space is not good so I have now turned my main table round to face the window.  I have an Ott lite which is great but a little extra daylight is good too. Wonder how long it will stay this tidy!  Does anyone else have trouble keeping their table clean?  I just can't do it :) Had fun though!  Feel free to leave a comment if you think I could arrange things a little better - feedback is good!  Hope you had a great day ~ Karen 

Aaah blue beads :)

Messy Table #2

This makes me happy :)
More Storage

Some Goodies



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